The New Life Today Blog was originally committed to helping men and women start over, to find and live their purpose, according to the will of God. Whether a person was leaving an abusive relationship, unemployed, starting a new business, struggling with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or food - whatever the issue -  the New Life Today Blog was here to help.

However, the purpose of the Christian website New Life Today Blog in 2014 is to provide domestic violence victims and survivors looking to create a new life with the necessary tools, resources, information, Bible verses, and motivation.

The New Life Today Blog was founded by Minister Michelle Goodwine, a Baptist minister, entrepreneur, marketing and HR consultant, writer, and professional speaker.  Minister Goodwine has over 16 years experience as a freelance writer and columnist for such publications as the Capital Region Business Review.  Minister Goodwine started her freelance writing career working for the Albany, NY publication Whatzup!

Minister Goodwine wrote the Webwatch column for over 3 years for the Albany, NY-based publication, Classique.  Minister Goodwine also wrote the Christian Webwatch column for the Albany, NY-based newspaper Baptist Carrier.  Minister Goodwine has written dozen of business and motivation articles for print and online publications.

Minister Goodwine knows a great deal about starting a New Life Today!  With barely more than the clothes on her and her daughter's backs, Minister Goodwine fled an abusive marriage and relocated to a place where she had no friends or family, nor a job.  Thanks to God, Minister Goodwine has a New Life Today!  The New Life Today Blog is the way Minister Goodwine shares what God has taught her about faith, and God's grace and mercy.