Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspirational Video Moment: Forgiven Me

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review - Christian Pain and Suffering Is Inevitable But There is Powerful Help from the Word of God By Kaye Swain

Book Review
Christian Pain and Suffering Is Inevitable But There is Powerful Help from the Word of God By Kaye Swain

As a member of the Sandwich Generation, caring for the elderly parents in my family as well as babysitting grandchildren regularly, I've learned from experience that, for the Christian as well as the non-Christian, pain and suffering will come. For some, it may be a life-long season. For most, it will ebb and flow, much as the ocean's tide. But for the vast majority of the population, by the time their life has come to an end after decades of living, they will look back and see seasons of pain, sorrow, and suffering intermixed with times of joy and happiness.

As a Christian, though, I am blessed to know that is not the whole story. It's not what happens to us that counts - it's what we do with the situation that makes the difference.

Kay Arthur agrees with that and has written an excellent book on this very topic. She does a great job answering the question in many people's minds, "Why does God allow suffering?" Not only that, she provides the tools and the encouraging Bible verses to help you move, step-by-step, through the vital process of dealing with the suffering you are experiencing.

She covers a wide range of trials - from physical illness such as cancer or Alzheimer's Disease with dementia symptoms to emotional distress - including a loved one's suicide. Those who are familiar with Kay Arthur's other books and Precepts Bible studies will recognize and appreciate the way she takes you through various Bible passages, verse by verse, using different techniques from her Bible study courses to help you internalize the lessons she is teaching in this book.

I was especially pleased to find several sections that related to my job of caring for aging parents, but I also noted several other passages that would be a help for a son going through completely different trials, or a young grandchild already learning hard lessons in life. In other words, this book is an excellent resource for the whole family and definitely worth buying for your personal library as well as using as gifts for friends and family who are going through difficult seasons of life.

 My own copy is full of bookmarks, underlines, and personal notes throughout, and I've already ordered a second copy for some dear senior relatives. I'm also planning on recommending it to my Bible study group for a future study, as it includes a section in back to help you use it for individual or small group study guide.

Whether you are currently in a season of life involving pain and suffering, or helping a loved one through that, or just planning ahead for the future, I highly recommend this book as a wonderful and useful tool that will bless you and others.

If you'd like more fun ideas & resources for teaching Bible memory verses to your children and grandchildren, along with specific ideas for teaching the Ten Commandments to your kids, be sure to pop over to

We're smack dab in the middle of that project and would love to see you.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspirational Video Moment: I Look to You

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Life Today Blog: MORNING WARFARE PRAYER by Ladonna Frasier-Hayes

New Life Today Blog: MORNING WARFARE PRAYER by Ladonna Frasier-Hayes: Publiisher's Note: Ladonna Frasier-Hayes shared with New Life Today Blog her Morning Warfare Prayer.  It is posted to allow all of us to b...

MORNING WARFARE PRAYER by Ladonna Frasier-Hayes

Publiisher's Note: Ladonna Frasier-Hayes shared with New Life Today Blog her Morning Warfare Prayer.  It is posted to allow all of us to be blessed by the reading and praying of this phenomenal prayer.  Please feel free to share this prayer will all of your friends and family.

Good morning Jesus.
I first repent for any word, thought or deed overnight that has been displeasing to You and 
I ask you to wash my body, soul, and spirit with the blood of Jesus.
I curse every corruptible seed that has been implanted overnight that is not of Christ Jesus and 
command them to wither and die, 
so Your righteous seed can grow and spirit that has attached itself to  me over night and send it back to dry places and loose me in Jesus’ name.
I bind the powers  of darkness, principalities and strongmen over the land, sea and air and sever their cords from the heavenlies.

Holy Spirit come and help me pray,
That I put on the whole armor of God.
1)      The Helmet of Salvation
2)       The Breastplate of Righteousness
3)      Shield of Faith
4)      Sword of the Spirit
5)      Belt of Truth
6)      And the Shoes for the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace.

I plead the blood of Jesus over the members, memories, possessions, spirit, soul and body of my past and present.
Lord, I surrender myself to your perfect will.
Bend me, make me, break me, mend me and use me so I can be closer to you.  
Empty me completely and fill me with the spirit of the Lord, The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, The Spirit of Counsel and Might, The Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord. 
Lord, keep me on the path You have laid for me today and show me Satan’s tactics in advance and heal every memory that hold me back from me being all that You want me to be. 
Lord, please send the Holy Spirit to muzzle my mouth and mute my voice to stop me before I’m to do or say anything that will out of your timing, displeasing or offensive to You. 
Lord, please don’t let me be just a warrior in your kingdom , but a mighty warrior and front line soldier so when I see You face to face You will say “Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into my rest.” And I pray this all in Jesus’ name.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Overcoming Molestation by Jimmy Truax

The molestation that I endured has been over for a long time, but the effects that it has emotionally and physically and mentally still lingers like a nightmare. I hope and pray to my LORD that this article is seen by men and women who have suffered this type of crime and may gain some healing through this story. My name is Jimmy and I grew up in my grandfather’s house where me and my so-called dad shared a bedroom and bed for my first eight years of my life. One night I woke up to my dad playing with my “private” parts. It was very confusing because I knew what he was doing was wrong, but fear of my father was great because he was mean as a demon from hell. Between the ages of five to seven did my father molest me and it got to the point where I jumped up and started screaming for help. Other family members would hear me and knock on the door only to have my father tell them I just had another bad dream. Meanwhile he is giving me a dirty look not to say anymore and the fear was so great of my father.

When I was about nine my father got remarried and just my luck my step-mother was very mentally and physically abusive. I would go to school with a purple ear where she would hit me upside the head. One time it was so severe I ran next door to my friend’s house screaming for help. Now my friend’s mom was a social service worker and guess what, she would not even do her job and call this abuse in, but gave in to my father’s request not to do it. Even though my father knew of this mental and physical abuse he did nothing. Over time I began to fight back using knives, forks or whatever I could pick up. Schools teachers wondered why I seemed to be “troubled”. Finally after much endurance I got to the age where I could decide to live with my mother (who was proven unfit as a mother one year after I was born) by this time she has won visitation right 10 years later. As I moved in I felt like a weight has been lifted off me only to find out that the mental and emotional damage is still there. I had a hard time being sociable in high school so I dropped out and went to JOB CORP. 

By the time I was 16 I have earned my GED and was enrolled in Central Virginia Community College taking on Administration of Justice degree. I felt hope for the first time only to realize I just couldn’t cope with what happen to me. So I turned to drugs to help, smoking marijuana seemed to do the trick. One fat joint and all my pain went away and I loved it. I felt like I was damaged goods. I argued with GOD about why I was born in a hell hole family. If God loved me why would he allow this to happen to a defenseless kid? Where was HIS Almighty power at when you need it? Daniel survived the lion’s den, Moses crossed the red sea, and Jesus raised the dead. But somehow God seemed to be unavailable for me. I used to pray for GODS help only to hear silence. There was an inner rage going on inside and I didn’t know how to handle it. Drugs were only a temporary fix. The pressure to make something of myself was on my mind so I ended up joining the US ARMY for a short time of four years. When I got out I felt like it was time to confront my father because he wasn’t going to beat me no more now because of my size and strength. Needless to say it didn’t turn out to good and I and my father truly have no communication anymore. I hated my father with a hate passion. I would envision killing my father over and over and over. My mind even though it was strong had no defense when it came to those memories of molestation.

In 2004 my granddad died and I loved my granddad with my whole heart. After his burial I went straight into drugs hardcore. With his death and the molestation I went through, I felt like my spirit finally broke. Just something inside my heart said “f it all”. I smoked weed, crack, and meth and popped those oxicotin pills like there was no tomorrow, just totally defeated. I just had this rage inside and couldn’t get it out.
By July of 2005 on my 30th birthday I decide that I need help. I had some Christian friends who took me to Applebee’s for a steak and they like had no clue I was using hardcore drugs because I was a functional addict. I never let anyone know what I was dealing with. I called around seeking help when I found out the Westminster Rescue Mission. I didn’t have a clue what it was about until I called and talk to a pastor. I was like “wow” a real pastor wants me to come in the program right now. So I did and I quit my job, gave away all my stuff at my apartment. I did not care about no physical possession’s at all just wanted help. I could feel GOD always toughing on my heart, but now it was really strong to do this program. This program really is just a six month bible school; because for six months all you do is learn about GOD. Like every Christian I ran across a road block, it was called “Forgiveness”

The motto of the Rescue Mission was “Forgiven”, and you guessed it I have to forgive my father. Boy did I laugh at that on the inside. Thought God was joking, “me forgive that evil child molester after what he did to me”, come on this is bullcrap. The Holy Spirit started to talk to me in that chapel. I could hear inside my head as loud as two people talking, God telling me that he loves me. I cried in that chapel, I broke down like a Chevy truck in need of an overhaul. I was a trashcan waiting to be cleaned out of all the dirty rotten trash. It was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit that yes what happen to me was wrong and yes my dad should be punished, but I failed to “see” in the eternal sense from Gods prospective. Isaiah 55:8 for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. 
The trespass my father did to me does not even compare to eternity and where my father will spend it. My father salvation is a greater concern. To forgive and pray for him is need more than anything. Think and meditate on Jesus Christ words in Matt 5:46 for if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? 
Grace and Mercy has been given to me and I am not worthy of such a FREE GIFT. My father also needs that same grace and mercy. So it has been credited to me because I choose to “Agape” Love my father and forgive and pray that the Lord draws him. As of 2012 I have been married for 2 years and have a beautiful wife and daughter named Gracie. At the age of 36 life is looking good and peaceful and I am thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Book Review
By don chuckie
In THE RAINDROPS OF TRUE WISDOM, Don Chuckie shares his first collection of inspirational poetry intended to help internalize and personalize the wisdom of God's word, ultimately making life more meaningful, rekindling the spirit, and providing a reason to continue with a faithful journey.

 Nigerian native Don Chuckie offers seventeen insightful poems filled with contemplative nuggets of true wisdom and spiritual quotes that direct the way through the daily challenges of Christian living and encourages a higher level of intimacy with God. Divided into two parts, Chuckie's collection of Christian lyrical expressions includes points to ponder and Biblical passages to consider; it also provides significant life lessons and ways to discover the simple truth about ourselves. You'll learn how to seek solace from above, be more honest about weaknesses, turn to God to heal, and find mercy for past mistakes through God's grace.

 The profound insight and spiritual guidance included in THE RAINDROPS OF TRUE WISDOM will uplift your soul, stretch your faith, and most importantly, help deepen your relationship with God...
Fueled by a rare combination of dignity and drive, Don Chuckie (d don of wise words) is a purposeful individual 'who happens to be a business specialist/strategist with a very rare creative depth. He is the author of The Raindrops of True Wisdom. A recently published  book available online.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspirational Video Moment: I Need You Once Again

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Daily Prayers: Help Me to Believe...

Publisher's Note: Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce E. Adejumo, author of My Daily Prayers: Spiritual Words of Wisdom, Volume I, owner of Mitchie's Gallery in Austin, Texas and Executive Director of the Mitchie Mitchell Foundation.  

Please support Ms. Adejumo and all the work she has been doing over the years to help survivors of drunk driving accidents and prevent DWI. Buy her book, or purchase something from her store, or send a donation to her Foundation. 
Mitchie's Art Gallery, Austin, TX

Her story is a compelling one.  Her son, "Mitchie" Mitchell, was paralyzed from the waist  down at the age of 3 as a result of an automobile accident. His biological father was driving - drunk! "Mitchie" passed away at the age of 21 in January 2008.

Starting today, February 7, and for the first Tuesday of the month for the remainder of 2012, New Life Today Blog publishes a prayer for Ms. Adejumo's book.  

I am certain that all who read 
Ms. Adejumo's prayers will be blessed:

Father in Heaven, 
thank You for being the positive force in my life that gives me strength and faith to keep moving forward. 
Graphic Credit: 
Help me to believe and receive the blessings You have in store for me.
Graphic Credit
I trust Your plans for me and ask that You continue to give me the strength to overcome any obstacle that may obstruct my path.  
In Jesus' Name. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspirational Video Moment: Who Am I by Casting Crowns

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